New post?! No WAY!

Well, way :P

Been such a damn long time since I posted, last post was a depressing 'I am leaving' thing but I got over the issues that made things really depressing for me. School drama and love and ah the joys of teenage years!

So, this is just a post to show that I am back in the community, I'll probably won't be posting right away, since my game is empty, so I need to recover all the cc I lost and that won't be an easy job. :/

Oh, and who's excited about the new secret event over at GoS?! I can't wait to see what it is! Have you contributed to it?

Art Nouveau, oh la la!

I am super excited for this month's theme and I can't wait to make something! I was wondering though if someone is interested in collaborating with me to make something? I think I will mostly do clothes that are inspired by Art Nouveau and maybe some makeup as well.

Any one up for the challenge?

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New story, new chapter, new hair

 Not actually a story here, but I am out of witty titles. Anywho, after my game froze and caused my computer to crash I don't think I might be able to play again for a while. It's odd, I mean, I had this graphics card for a long time and only recently(this year, actually) it started acting up, freezing and crashing my computer. Ugh, technology troubles never end, do they?

Sorry for the ramble, now onto the new goodie I have for you! This time I did Raon's new 102 in Pooklet's V2 textures, all of her natural colors, properly binned and compressorized.

Model on the right is Nabila's Annabelle whom you can grab at Gos, the other is my Serena also at Gos.


Miu + Eve - Sims for adoption

I have two sims up for grabs, they are Miu and Eve.  You've probably seen them in my icons or in the tiny pic spam I have of them, anyway, you can now adopt them both!

They are roommates and they do NOT get along.

Miu is the ultimate drama queen, always practicing in front of the mirror to perfect her pout or emptying Sim city's clothing stores. She loves clubbing, techno and pale lipstick.

Download | CC List

Eve, however, is aggressive, bold and a tom boy. She likes boxing, giving Goopy Gilscarbo wedgies and eating like a pig.

Download | CC List

Enjoy, lovelies!
On the other hand I think I am coming down with a cold. :/